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Simpli-Magic Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can (13 Gallon Capacity)

Simpli-Magic Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can (13 Gallon Capacity)

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Avoiding direct contact with a garbage can is essential for maintaining hygiene.

This is where our touchless trash can becomes indispensable. With its 50 L capacity and.hands-free operation . you can dispose of trash or waste without physical interaction and eliminate the need to empty your trash can as often.

Equipped with motion sensor technology . our automatic trash can responds to your every movement. With a mere wave of your hand or the introduction of waste within a ten-inch radius . the trash can lid opens automatically while you put the trash inside.

Make cleanliness effortless with Simpli-Magic Touchless Trash Can!

The trash bin remains open as long as your hand or the debris is within the sensor's range. Once done . the trash can lid closes after several seconds . keeping odors contained and maintaining a tidy environment without any effort on your part.

With its sleek design . our motion sensor trash can blends into any kitchen design style. Its space-saving efficiency is ideal for snug corners and tight spaces. Plus . you'll find this trash can incredibly convenient as it accommodates common trash bag sizes.

Crafted from stainless steel . our kitchen garbage can boasts exceptional durability . ensuring it stands the test of time. Its fingerprint-proof surface adds an extra layer of convenience . preventing unsightly stains and maintaining a clean appearance.

Upgrade to a cleaner way of life. Add the Simpli-Magic Touchless Trash Can to your cart today!

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